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2.11.2011PinView project has ended
20.5.2011Deliverable D8.6 online
29.3.2011Deliverable D7.3 online
28.3.2011Deliverable D7.5 online

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Welcome to PinView!

PinView is an EU FP7 funded Collaborative Project 216529.

The goal of PinView is a proactive personal information navigator that allows retrieval of multimedia - such as still images, text and video - from unannotated databases.

PinView will infer what the user is looking for using modern machine learning techniques and enhanced relevance feedback. Some of these include:

  • explicit relevance feedback interaction from the user, such as pointer clicks
  • implicit relevance feedback signals, such as eye movements and pointer traces
  • implicit or explicit relevance feedback via speech
  • social filtering

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