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celum gmbh has been founded 1999 as a technical solution provider in the field of web-engineering for industrial customers mainly in Austria. Close ties to Austria's steel manufacturing industry enabled the participation on several large-scaled projects for information retrieval and information distribution in large scale organisations. Since 2002 all R&D Activities, which currently consume around 60% of the company's annual turnover, are focused on the current main product, celum IMAGINE, a modern and sophisticated digital media asset management system, currently used by many well renown brand oriented companies (Adidas Eyewear, docmartens, several Austrian & German state and federal government institutions, and many of the larger public owned enterprises in Austria) in their marketing and PR departments. Beside Java based application development the second most evolved field of experience is User Interface Design and User Interaction modelling, as well as experimental, social influenced information aggregation. celum counts itself as a typical, though very dedicated SME with extended experience in the needs of large enterprises demands towards information management in rich audio/visual content. With more than 50% of its overall staff of 25 focused on product related R&D activities, celum is dedicated to technological excellence and is heading to become one of Europe's leading vendors of digital asset management solutions for marketing, PR, and documentation.

MSc. Michael J. Kräftner Earning his BSc./MSc. Degrees on Upper Austria's Polytechnical University for media technology and design in Hagenberg near Linz in 2002. Formerly engaged as a leading executive in the department for information technology/web-based information systems at Austria's largest steel manufacturer, he is Co-Founder, President and CEO of celum. Former and current fields of academic activity are teaching at Danube University in Krems on a course for image management use in museums and on Polytechnical University in Hagenberg for Applied Business & Entrepreneurship.
MSc. Erich Mahringer Erich Mahringer currently leads the innovation management process at celum and takes responsibility for the general project management regarding software development. He holds a university degree in computer science, specialised in applied informatics. After the university he was selected to participate in an innovation management specialisation program led by CATT Innovation Management. Since 2003 he managed various R&D projects at celum and carried out research activities in software architecture and innovative user interface technologies. During the last period, research and project activities were focused on image management, image processing and enhanced application of media asset management.
DI Bernhard Lackner is head of the development department and working for celum gmbh since 2000. He graduated from Johannes Kepler University Linz and is specialized on application architecture and user interface design.
DI Michael Kumar is a core developer at celum since 2006. He graduated from Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) with a thesis on watermark security.
DI(FH) Rudolf Traunmüller is a core developer at celum.
Mr. Lukas Zweckmayr is a core developer at celum since 2004. He is specialized on the development of Desktop Integrations.
BSc. Richard Öhlinger is a core developer at celum since 2005. He is responsible for the celum IMAGINE APIs on the client side.